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As Fevup Brands, We Share Our Observations of the 2nd Day China E-Export Delegation

As Fevup Brands, we are sharing our Day 2 China E-Export Delegation Observations!

Together with the delegation, we visited JD Group companies, one of the major platforms we listened to the previous day. The company is a large structure that produces an annual turnover of $150 billion, 3 different companies have been publicly listed on the Chinese and US stock exchanges, and employs 600,000 people in areas such as e-commerce, cloud technologies, retail, logistics, software, construction and insurance. The company's campus is a well-thought-out iconic place for employees, equipped with smart technologies and with a metro line passing through it. Although it is remarkable that the employees and managers are very young, it can be said that it is an important indicator in terms of company culture. The success of the group has been realized in 20 years, and the group has accomplished valuable work in a very short time to establish a digital museum within itself. In a short time, they have accomplished many issues by transforming and scaling access to finance and e-commerce technologies into products, services and companies. The People's Republic of China creates a corporate memory with companies in this category. They have successfully combined R&D, technology, production, finance and e-commerce/e-export.

Especially in terms of e-commerce, crossborder e-commerce legislation is quite easy and accelerated due to free zones. There are significant opportunities in cosmetics, food and designer products. JD is very open and willing to support Turkish brands with its own partner systems. Compared to China, Europe and the USA, it is easier in terms of legislation and the costs are lower than regional density in terms of scale size. Especially the Bonded Warehouse structure provides a very suitable legal infrastructure for this.

They have set up their logistics facilities to send 500,000 items of 170,000 SKU products daily in fulfillment warehouses. Companies were separated and scaled by providing project financing with products handled in sustainable packaging. They state that they are trying to culturally overcome the blue-collar-white-collar distinction with technology in terms of human resources.

JD Group is one of the important players in China and a reliable platform in terms of its categories and logistics distribution network. It can be targeted in terms of e-export. Although it is difficult to overcome the feeling of being late, China as a market will need JD experts as a sales channel. There is a lot to learn from trade partners.

Next stop: Shang Hai


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