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A simple candle turned into a masterpiece, an iconic symbol of the journey towards healing and power.


Once upon a time, in a mysterious town, there was a special monument shaped by the creativity of a brand called Jane Clavis. In the center of the monument was the figure of a woman whose essence was covered with flowers.

Her eyes were closed because this figure was focussed on her inner strength rather than the outside world.


While a deep tranquility envelops your home with the warm, embracing touch of Amber, the delicate breeze of Japanese Cherry Blossom heralds spring in every corner of your home, while the serene note of Sandalwood will be the address of your peace and add a sophisticated atmosphere to the atmosphere of your home.



Niche Market

In a market often dominated by standardized designs, this brand’s emphasis on unique and personalized products has proven to be an important distinguishing feature. By keeping aware of design trends and employing experienced artisans with a passion for originality, they consistently produce candles that are not only sensorially pleasures but also visually attractive.


Scented candles with decorative designs carry with them a rich narrative that resonates with consumers. Each candle is a testament to the artisan's dedication, creativity, and passion. This narrative is often shared with consumers, either through product descriptions, packaging, or online platforms.


One of the major challenges Matmazel faced was the fierce competition in global marketplaces such as Amazon.

As e-commerce continues to grow rapidly, numerous Handbag brands

have emerged, making it difficult for Matmazel to stand out and attract attention from potential customers.


Within the enchanting embrace of vintage marbles that narrate nostalgic tales, reside the unique scents holding the secret of nature's essence. 

Their fragrances speak of the gentle caress of the wind, the sweet breath of flowers, and the profound silence of the forest. They invite you on a journey that soothes your soul and fills customers’ hearts with tranquility. Each flame is a key; a path that connects their essence with the infinite power of nature.


Leveraging social market channels like Amazon, they embark on a journey of visual storytelling, where every post is waiting to be discovered.




Their marketplace presence is equally vital, offering a curated selection that mirrors the brand's digital narrative. With meticulous attention to detail, they ensure that every product listing is an invitation to explore the world of artisanal fragrance.


Vivid descriptions, customer reviews, and seamless navigation converge to transform a mere shopping experience into a sensory odyssey, where the promise of a scented sanctuary awaits.


Recognizing the need for growth in the scented candle market, our team conducted thorough market research to identify trends and consumer preferences. This research informed the brand’s decision to diversify their product range by introducing new candle scents, sizes, and packaging options. They tailored their offerings to appeal to a broader audience while maintaining their commitment to sustainability.

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Via Tower, Yenimahalle, Ankara

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