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The goal of Pedal Commander is to make a big difference in the aftermarket performance parts for cars by making the best performance goods. They think that everyone should be able to easily and safely change how the throttle responds in their car to suit their needs.


 Pedal Commander is an automotive performance product produced in Turkey since 2011. After achieving great success in United States, they decided to start sales in the Europe. Based in Ankara, Turkey, Pedal Commander is known for having the best-selling Throttle Response Control Device with the fastest processor.


Pedal Commander is a globally recognized product sold on six continents and continues to grow. At Pedal Commander, they lead the automotive industry by living life at Full Throttle. Instantly improve your throttle response and customize it to fit your needs with Pedal Commander. Get the best performance upgrade for your car or truck and Live Life Full Throttle!



Niche Market

The demand for products like the Pedal Commander arises from the growing desire of drivers to have more control over their vehicle's performance. Many drivers seek a heightened level of responsiveness from their cars, whether for spirited driving on open roads or for more efficient overtaking on highways.

Introducing the Pedal Commander: Your Throttle's Best Friend


Pioneering the World's Most Advanced Throttle Response Device, we embarked on an exhilarating journey in E-commerce and E-export with a singular mission: to empower customers to uncover the true capabilities and performance of their vehicles while eliminating the delay in their gas pedals.

This device is designed to revolutionize the way vehicles utilize and manage their gas emissions, aligning perfectly with Pedal Commander’s dedication to sustainability and forward-thinking technology.

Optimizing throttle performance, Pedal Commander stands as the unrivaled solution. By seamlessly integrating with the "Engine Control Unit" at the Pedal Position Sensors, it imparts a substantial enhancement to your car's cognitive functions. This ingenious device takes the input data from the pedal sensors, amplifies it, and transmits it directly to the ECU. This astute process bypasses certain standard checks that the engine computer typically conducts, enabling your engine to react with newfound swiftness.


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Beştepe Mah. Nergiz Sok. No:7A-14 Kat:8
Via Tower, Yenimahalle, Ankara

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