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FEVUP BRANDS focuses on brands, creates a pathway for expansion and introduces key metrics and strategies to value brands up. The platform of <> (“Website”) entirely belongs to Fevup Brands E-Ticaret ve Bilişim Teknolojileri Anonim Şirketi (“FEVUP BRANDS”). Using this website, its tools or the Services means that you accept the legal terms set forth between you and FEVUP BRANDS subject to these terms outlined below.

  1. Scope:

    1. The Terms of Use shall apply to all relations and operations between the Website and the User (The term “User” is indicated as a general term referring to everyone who visits the Website, including membership), particularly the access and use of the Website or any content, functions and services offered through the Website between FEVUP BRANDS and the User.

    2. For additional services subject to a separate contract between FEVUP BRANDS and the User, these terms shall prevail.

  2. General Terms of Use:

    1. The access, visits and use of this Website, means that you have read and accepted the texts, notices, terms and other policies set forth herein. An additional declaration of acceptance taken or created in any form is not required. Upon the acceptance, FEVUP BRANDS provides you services and tools available on the Website.

    2. Please note that the Users must be over the age of 18 to use the Website and receive services.

    3. Upon the use of Contact tool and communication-requiring tools, FEVUP BRANDS has the right to send you notifications, updates and further information through the contract details provided. By agreeing with these terms, you also agree that your contact information is submitted fully and correctly, and it does not belong to anyone except your own contact information.

    4. If you consider that you cannot fulfill the obligations stipulated in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, we kindly recommend not using this Website or Services provided. In any case, if you are not of the age required or if you are legally disabled for the validity of your declaration of acceptance, do not use this Website and Services, as your declaration of acceptance will not be legally valid. Certain additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of or interaction with certain Services on the Website.

  3. Follow-up/Change of Terms of Use: 

    1. The Website, its content and the Services are constantly updated by FEVUP BRANDS in order to provide the best possible service to the Users. Therefore, we may, at our sole discretion, change the Terms of Use from time to time or introduce new/additional services and new/additional terms.

    2. The updated Terms of Use will enter into force on the date of publication. Any use after the change is performed constitutes acceptance.

  4. Changes to the Website:

    1. We may update and change our Website from time to time, in order to improve the performance of the Website, its functionality or available features. We may suspend, withdraw or restrict the availability of any part of the Website for commercial and operational reasons. We may notify you of more significant changes to the Services by updating the Terms of Use.

  5. Utilizing Content and Services:

    1. The use of the Services provided on the Website is subject to the conditions specified on the Website and the permissions and limitations stipulated by the legislation.

    2. The trademark of FEVUP BRANDS enjoys legal protection, which also covers the written form, illustrative logo, its colors. The promotional material, data file, written text, information, news, blogs, advertisements, announcements, sounds, photos, animations and videos, alignment and design, software and similar content (“Service Content”) on the Website are subjected to copyright protection. Any use of above-mentioned creations are considered infringing unless you have acquired written consent from FEVUP BRANDS.

    3. FEVUP BRANDS aims to keep you updated and informed; however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the information, communication, commercial electronic messages or other websites to which information is given or linked from other websites. The User is obliged to comply with the usage and privacy policies and other warnings of the third party websites.

    4. Hyperlinks to third parties' names, brands, products or services or third party websites or information are provided on the Website for your convenience only and in no way imply any endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of FEVUP BRANDS. FEVUP BRANDS is not responsible for the content of third party websites and does not make any declarations regarding the content or accuracy of the materials on these websites.

  6. Liability for Use of Website and Content:

    1. By agreeing with these terms, you accept rules, obligations and liabilities set forth in these terms and undertake that their violation may have legal consequences.

    2. The texts, blogs, visuals, animations and designs solely belong to FEVUP BRANDS, and therefore FEVUP BRANDS own the related IP rights. In case a reference is made, please contact the referred person or website for your demands and complaints regarding intellectual property matters regarding such works. Please note that FEVUP BRANDS work closely with brands to increase their value and aim at a focused expansion, thus the brands working in cooperation with FEVUP BRANDS may also submit their contents. FEVUP BRANDS cannot be held liable for referred contents and materials as well as the ones that the brands provide themselves.

    3. FEVUP BRANDS aims to share the team’s experiences and to keep you updated; and cannot be held responsible for any tangible, intangible, legal, financial consequences, damages, consequential losses that may arise due to any use including the unlawful, incorrect, outdated or illegal use of the content and Services provided on the Website. Even though the website is regularly supervised by the tech team, if there is an impartial, outdated or illegal content that you detect, we kindly ask you to contact us by providing details.

  7. User Information: 

    1. The User is liable for any identification and contact information he/she provides on the website, tools, including contact forms. Please notify us in case your information has to be corrected or updated.

  8. Personal Data: 

    1. Users' personal data is important to FEVUP BRANDS.  Please review our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and related Informing Texts to get detailed information about your personal data, processing phases, legal grounds, purposes and your rights.

  9. Commercial Communications: 

    1. In case the User provides contact information in order to be contacted, no separate approval is required for electronic messages about modification, use and maintenance of the services provided.

    2. If the User does not require delivery of messages,

  10. The Intellectual and Industrial Rights:

    1. All intellectual and industrial property rights of the Website, including its trademark, tools, design, alignment and software belong exclusively to FEVUP BRANDS.

    2. The intellectual and industrial property rights arising from the logo, trademark, domain name, promotional or proposal materials, data files, written texts, information, news, opinion, advice, advertisement, announcement, sound, music, video, photograph, visual, animation, software and other elements on the Website belong solely and exclusively to FEVUP BRANDS, its affiliates, or the licensors of FEVUP BRANDS or other providers of the material. Unless  stated otherwise, the conditions written here do not give the Users the right to use  them in any kind or format, and cannot be construed as granting such permission or license. If the User requires using either of the elements listed above, FEVUP Brands will evaluate written request and grant written permission depending on the necessity to do so.

    3. FEVUP BRANDS runs, operates and expands brands, therefore; other content providers may be hosted on this platform. Such third party content belongs entirely to brand owners, sellers, designers or promoters. The rules outlined above for the use also apply for these contents. FEVUP BRANDS cannot be held liable for such contents; however, we kindly ask you to contact FEVUP BRANDS if third party content is considered to be unlawful or infringing.

    4. The Web Site cannot be copied, reproduced, distributed (including distribution of copies), published, publicly displayed partially or as a whole. FEVUP BRANDS has the right to take legal steps in case of such actions, can prevent access to the services and refuse to provide service in case of such unlawful actions., 

  11. Collection of Visiting Information: 

    1. Due to legal obligation, FEVUP BRANDS collects information regarding website visits, cookies and other information via contact section. Please review our Informing Text and Cookie Policy to learn more about the information, processed data, legal grounds, transfer methodology and your rights regarding the processing.

  12. Prohibited Uses: 

    1. FEVUP BRANDS has right to take legal and/or penal action in case of uses with any illegal or immoral purposes, illegal acts, IP infringing actions and manners, ; discriminating on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, national origin or disability; giving false or misleading information; uploading or transmitting viruses or malware that may interfere with or affect the functionality or operation of the service, website, related websites or internet; collecting or monitoring the personal data of others; to spam, phish, pharm, pretext, spider, crawl or scrap; to use to interfere with or circumvent the security features of the Service or any related website, other websites or the Internet. The User accepts, declares and undertakes that above-mentioned actions depict prohibited uses.

  13. Violation of Terms of Use: 

    1. In case of non-compliance with the " Terms of Use", " Privacy Policy" and other conditions stated on the Web Site or if an attempt is made to violate the rules; FEVUP BRANDS reserves the right to suspend, terminate, of the Users' access to the Website and Services and cancel the membership (if any) without prior notice, along with the right to reject, remove from the content, delete the information available in the system, whether the violation is fully realized or not. FEVUP BRANDS' failure to exercise or enforce any legal right or measure written herein does not mean that FEVUP BRANDS waives or accepts violation of these Terms of Use or its legal rights.

  14. Termination: 

    1. FEVUP BRANDS can cancel membership, refuse to provide services, end continuing services or negotiations:

  1. If the User violates the terms or policies written here or set by FEVUP BRANDS,

  2. If the User does not have the right to use due to legal restrictions,

  3. In the event that the commercial relationship of FEVUP BRANDS with the content and service providers regarding the Services the User uses is terminated or the Services and services are interrupted for any reason,

  4. In accordance with legislation or decisions of Administrative Regulatory Bodies,

  5. In case of loss of access to the Website due to legal regulations or force majeure,

  1. Records: 

    1. In disputes that may arise from the use of the Website and Services, all kinds of electronic and commercial records of FEVUP BRANDS, including books and communication logs, and e-mail notifications made by FEVUP BRANDS to Users constitute definitive and exclusive evidence, and stored for the legal period considering data protection purposes.

  2. Integrity:

    1. In case that any court or administrative authority decides that any article of these Terms of Use is no longer valid, the other articles will continue to remain in effect.

  3. Notification: 

    1. It is accepted that the e-mail notifications to be made by FEVUP BRANDS to the contact information provided by the Users to the Website will have the same legal consequences as the valid notification. User is responsible for missing or incorrect information.

  4. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution: 

    1. The Laws of the Republic of Turkey shall apply in disputes that may arise regarding the use of the Website and/or Services. Users residing outside the Republic of Turkey and connecting to the Website from outside the Republic of Turkey accept that the laws of the Republic of Turkey are valid in any disputes that may arise regarding the use of the Website and/or the Services.

    2. Any dispute that may arise regarding the Terms of Use of the Website shall finally resolve by the Ankara Arbitration and Mediation Center (ATAM) through arbitration. The dispute will be resolved by the sole arbitrator agreed by the parties. The arbitration language is Turkish. Arbitration costs and advances are borne equally by both parties.

  5. Information and Contact: 

    1. For questions regarding the Terms of Use of the website, please contact via sending an e-mail to

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