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China E-export Delegation Impressions: Day 4 - Alibaba Group Group and Cainiao Network

We visited, which has evolved into Alibaba Group, the great pioneering company that helped the Chinese market and economy adapt to e-commerce and even laid the foundations of technology in the sectors built on it. Since Alibaba started e-commerce at the earliest, it is obvious that its culture has been established. The company's story, every detail on its iconic campus, embodies how transformative e-commerce/e-export is in terms of production, employment, technology, investment and access to finance, and its contribution to the country's economy. A hybrid model is seen evolving from corporate policy to public policy, where it is adopted and embraced at all levels like a "national cause". As the company becomes global, it has turned into a tool that realizes state policies, and the state applies its soft power through the company's investment decisions and execution focus. The bringing of investment to China, its exit from China and its return appear before your eyes like an e-commerce package. Issues such as payment systems, cloud technologies, logistics, social responsibility, sustainability, finance, etc. have transformed from consumer habits into culture. A company that has evolved from an end-to-end service provider where branding and new methods are tested from Copy to a giant corporation. He is still very committed to his entrepreneurial story. A team that started with half a building and transformed the city and the state. Many companies that provide support and marketplaces such as Tmall Domeatic and Tmall Global were born within the group and have become giants, or supporting investments have been made in line with the investment ecosystem. A large company that wants to live for 102 years.

As Alibaba's logistics company, Cainiao Network operates from the supply chain to the final delivery, focusing on efficiency. It is positioned as a complementary company of the group with the vision of reaching China in 24 hours and the world in 72 hours by expanding into Europe and Southeast Asia.

They are waiting for companies and brands to come to China with the logic of a great project. The reason for their encouragement is that the country has a current account surplus of 800 billion dollars.

Selling to China is not a dream... We will start this year, albeit small.

Next Stop: Hangzhou e-commerce information center, e-commerce free zones and Trading Partners

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