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E-Commerce Needs Walmart

Walmart stands out as Amazon's only competitor. Other players are either too small, too niche or do not offer a strong alternative. Walmart being a larger competitor means it can offer a better alternative to Amazon, which means a healthier e-commerce market.

Amazon dominates, holding nearly 40% of the US e-commerce market. Walmart, on the other hand, has a market share of less than 10% and seems to be lagging behind Amazon. However, over the past five years, Walmart has been growing faster than Amazon. This can be attributed to the fact that Walmart has a strong foundation in online shopping and began to refocus on e-commerce in 2016. Amazon, on the other hand, has shown uninterrupted growth for many years.

In 2023, global e-commerce sales finally surpassed $100 billion, with the majority occurring in the United States. This shows that e-commerce is a sector that is growing and gaining importance.

If Amazon had strong competitors while increasing its market share, this would encourage Amazon to invest more in shopping experiences and offer better terms to sellers. This would likely cause overall e-commerce spending to be higher than it is today. Walmart stands out as one of these strong competitors. With $100 billion in online sales, it has finally reached the same size as Amazon. Although it is still smaller compared to Amazon, it has figured out customer satisfaction, marketing strategies, and advertising. This shows that Walmart has the potential to challenge Amazon's dominance.


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