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Updated: Feb 17

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1. Striking Report from eBay: Reselling Christmas Presents

2. How Amazon Did Shape the Future of Advertising in 2023?

3. Will 2023 Be Remembered as the Year Twitter Transformed into X?

4. The Year's Grand Finale in Artificial Intelligence: Midjourney V6 Beta Released  

5. Google Will Pay $700 Million to US Consumers


1.Striking Report from eBay: Reselling Christmas Presents

Approximately 25% of the French population contemplated selling their undesirable presents this year, as reported by the e-commerce platform eBay.

According to e-commerce marketplace eBay, there has been a significant increase in the number of present resale advertising since Christmas Day. It has been reported that between three and four presents have been resold per minute at the beginning of Monday. As a consequence, it is anticipated that there will be around 300,000 new announcements of second-hand products.

The report reveals that 42% of those who resell intend to set aside the proceeds for savings, 30% use the funds to pay Christmas expenses, and 29% purchase another item of personal preference. 


2. How Amazon Did Shape the Future of Advertising in 2023?

During 2023, the proportion of Amazon brands and sellers who are additionally operating on other platforms has increased to 63%, compared to 61% in 2022 and 58% in 2021. 

When compared with their competitors, Amazon's advertising offerings offer distinct advantages. Reporting direct sales attribution has become increasingly valuable for marketers. This statistic provides more precise data than the aggregate impressions and clicks supplied by platforms like Google or Facebook.

Amazon provides marketers with detailed information on the exact advertisements that are generating sales. Additionally, it is a crucial component of the equation used to calculate return on ad spend (RoAS), which measures the amount of revenue generated from an advertising spend.


3. Will 2023 Be Remembered as the Year Twitter Transformed into X?

Not only has 2023 been an important year for rebranding, but creative discussions have also been massive. Alright, then, we're going to start with the main point: Twitter’s Rebrand As X!

Twitter has undergone significant transformations under Musk's leadership, with certain actions causing a lot of controversy. In view of these revolutionary changes, the prospect of a name change presents Twitter with a chance to radically alter its brand identity.

The new name, "X," may signify a new beginning, a reflection of the platform's capacity to change and grow. If Twitter rebranded intelligently, it would find new ways to adapt to the ever-changing social media scene and reinvent its identity according to social media followers.

Artificial Intelligence

4. The Year's Grand Finale in Artificial Intelligence: Midjourney V6 Beta Released  

The Development Team has made the decision to involve the community in the testing of the alpha version of the Midjourney v6 model over the Christmas break. To activate the new model, users have two options: they may either choose "V6" from the dropdown menu located under /settings, or they can input "--v 6" following their prompt. The most recent version introduces many improvements to the foundational Midjourney concept. 

Furthermore, Midjourney v6 brings enhancements to image prompting and remix mode, enabling users to incorporate small amounts of text into their photographs. In order to produce text drawings, users should wrap their content between quote marks and utilize the "--style raw" option. Lower values for the "--stylize" parameter may improve the comprehension of the prompt.

The Dev Team suggests actively participating in conversations on the Official Midjourney Discord Server to exchange views and strategies for properly utilizing Midjourney v6.


5.  Google Will Pay $700 Million to US Consumers

Google, a leading American technology company, has reached a settlement of $700 million in an antitrust complaint that alleges the business impeded competition in its Android application marketplace, known as the Google Play Store. 

The resolution arises in the midst of accusations of anti-competitive behavior, indicating a notable advancement in the continuing legal environment of the technology sector.

Google has agreed to contribute $630 million to a consumer settlement fund and $70 million to a state fund, as per the terms of the settlement. The ultimate approval of the judge is still waiting.


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