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1.“The Game-changing Turkish Marketplace” in the Global Fashion Industry: Trendyol

2.The Turkish E-Commerce Giant's Target is the Ukrainian Market

3.Eti Pufs Joining the CGI Trend

4.Walmart Will Showcase Artificial Intelligence Features at CES

5.Strict Control on E-Commerce from the Ministry of Commerce

“The Game-changing Turkish Marketplace” in the Global Fashion Industry: Trendyol

The "State of Fashion 2024" report, prepared in cooperation with the Business of Fashion platform and McKinsey and containing the analysis of the global fashion industry for 2024, has been published! Trendyol Group CEO Erdem İnan expressed his thoughts about the E-Commerce Platform, which is referred to as the "third generation fashion brand" in the report, with the following expressions: "Today, textile products produced in Turkey are sold in a wide geography, from Europe to the Middle East." preferred by users. We owe this primarily to the quality production power of our country. Trendyol branded products are produced by more than 400 domestic manufacturers all over Turkey. As the “State of Fashion” report reveals; Companies that set customer loyalty as their main goal stand out in the industry globally. "As Trendyol, we apply our customer-focused business style in all markets we enter."

Turkey's popular marketplace application, which gained popularity with its customer services, was the only Turkish brand that managed to be included in the report.

The Turkish E-Commerce Giant's Target is the Ukrainian Market

Hepsiburada, one of Turkey's leading e-commerce sites, plans to enter the Ukrainian market! Although the war continues in Ukraine, company managers aim to continue operating in the market with a hopeful start. According to Bloomberg, the company's CEO Nilhan Önal expressed the reasons for opening to the Ukrainian market with the following words: "Ukraine is a difficult but important market for Turkey. This is a strategic investment for us. Ukraine will normalize in the future and we want to be ready."

CEO Nilhan Önal explained that they see new opportunities in Ukraine, taking into account the difficulties caused by the war in Ukraine in terms of local goods supply and long delivery times at the border. Although Hepsiburada focuses its focus on the Ukrainian Market, the company's future vision will be shaped on a strategy that attaches importance to cooperation with local business partners.

Eti Pufs Joining the CGI Trend

The enjoyable race of Eti Pufs at Sapphire AVM is the newest example of the CGI trend that has emerged recently in order to adapt to technological trends!

The CGI (Computer Generated Visualization) trend stands out among graphic advertising types and determines the future of digital advertising. This trend is gaining great attention across the industry as brands strengthen their ties with their customers.

Eti Puf aims to provide fun and enjoyable moments to its customers by participating in innovative competition. The cheerful race at Sapphire AVM draws attention as a successful step towards increasing customer loyalty of the brand.

Walmart Will Showcase Artificial Intelligence Features at CES

Walmart talked about how they will use their new productive artificial intelligence features to take their customers' shopping experience to a different dimension in the retail world in a keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024) in Las Vegas, USA.

Walmart will offer its customers the opportunity to search for products based on their usage situations, rather than their brands or names. For example, you'll be able to find items needed for a "football viewing party" on one category page without having to search separately for just chips, wings, drinks, or a 90-inch TV.

Another new Walmart product announced at the CES event is an augmented reality shopping feature called "Shop with Friends"! This feature is planned to allow customers to create virtual outfits and share them with their friends and then get feedback on the products they find.

Strict Control on E-Commerce from the Ministry of Commerce

A total of 86 million 274 thousand 994 TL fines from the Ministry of Commerce to 58 companies!

During the inspections carried out in the e-commerce sector in 2023, the Ministry of Commerce imposed administrative fines totaling 86 million 274 thousand 994 TL on 58 companies that did not comply with remote contracts with consumers.

The reason for the penalties imposed in the statement made by the Ministry of Commerce was: "Distance contracts, which eliminate time and space limitations for consumers, have become more and more preferred day by day with the rapid development of technology. "This field, which is rapidly developing due to technological developments and changes in consumer habits, brings with it problems that will harm consumer interests."


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