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HSBC Increases Its Competitiveness in the Global Digital Payment Market

A New E-Commerce Platform is Being Established: fdx Google Announced Its Innovations at CES 2024

Meet OpenAI's Artificial Intelligence Store: "GPT Store"

4.8 Million TL Data Security Penalty from the Competition Board to Meta

HSBC Increases Its Competitiveness in the Global Digital Payment Market

HSBC introduced Zing, a new product where they direct their focus to international transfers in order to compete more effectively with fintech companies such as Wise and Revolut!

The new foreign exchange payment app launched by HSBC to encourage spending, transferring and converting international currencies increases its competitiveness against digital startups Revolut and Wise.

In the market where competition is increasing day by day, Turkey-based financial technology company Papara decided to offer same-day money transfer service with a fixed transaction fee of 1 euro or 1 pound for the European Union and the United Kingdom.

A New E-Commerce Platform is Being Established: fdx

FedEx announced that it will launch a data-driven trading platform called fdx in the fall!

In the company announcement, it was stated that the new features, which will offer special access opportunities to ShopRunner members, the e-commerce market that FDX acquired in 2020, will be integrated with existing FedEx trading tools and will be available in the fall. These features will offer the ability for brands to create a custom post-purchase experience to provide customers with more accurate shipping information and improve order management using FedEx's shipping network data.

This platform developed by the company helps businesses effectively manage their supply chains, sales stages to their customers and delivery processes.

Google Announced Its Innovations at CES 2024

At the World's Largest Consumer Event Fair (CES) 2024, held on January 9-12, Google introduced its innovations, from the "Quick Share" feature to the "Solar Cells Powered Device" product!

With the feature called Quick Share, developed jointly with Google and Samsung, users' favorite experiences will be united under a single cross-Android solution. It will further enhance content sharing with the best default and built-in option across all device types in the Android and Chromebook ecosystems.

Another new collaboration announced by Google at CES 2024 was the news that they have partnered with Ambient Photonics for a device based on solar energy battery technology. Features of the new device include using a light source and converting it into electricity, making it a sustainable, battery-free and connected device.

Meet OpenAI's Artificial Intelligence Store:"GPT Store" 

OpenAI has officially launched the GPT Store, where users can share custom chatbots, and also introduced ChatGPT Team, a special layer for subscribers!

GPT Store offers OpenAI the opportunity to leverage ChatGPT's fame in the tech world into a paid business model to generate revenue, similar to Apple's App Store. OpenAI stated that the revenue program for creators of content on the GPT Store will begin in the first quarter of the year, and initially US creators will be paid based on users' interaction with their GPT.

ChatGPT Team offers a safe and collaborative working environment to make the most of ChatGPT in workplaces. Unlike ChatGPT Enterprise, which was launched in August, the Team plan does not require high costs or meetings with the company's sales team. However, anyone who subscribes to ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise can join the Team plan by paying $30 per month (billed monthly) or $25 per month (billed annually).

4.8 Million TL Data Security Penalty from the Competition Authority to Meta

After Meta exceeds the solution period, the Competition Authority will impose an administrative fine of 4 million 796 thousand 152 TL per day based on its 2022 gross revenues.

The Competition Authority launched an investigation against the Meta company in 2021 due to a software update that subjected WhatsApp users in Turkey to mandatory data sharing.

The Board examined the claim that WhatsApp obliged its users to share data in order to continue using the application, and found the compliance measures offered by Meta company to be insufficient. Therefore, he announced that he decided to impose a daily fine until the final compliance solution is presented, effective from December 12.




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