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Updated: Dec 5, 2023

We have some great news to share

with you!

Fevup Brands, which operates on the model of an "e-commerce aggregator", which essentially involves the acquisition of e-commerce businesses selling on platforms such as Amazon, has secured a TL 23.7 million investment from Mercan Kimya.

Going beyond the basic aggregator model, we manage the entire e-commerce process, from project management, due diligence, branding, data science & artificial intelligence to supply chain management and logistics.

We optimise metrics such as sales and marketing, advertising management, compliance and the like. 

As part of these activities, we also make investments such as acquiring the latest smart technologies. In addition

to well-known fashion brands that already have a broad customer base in Turkey, our brand portfolio includes emerging ideas in various product categories that aim to gain global recognition in the near future.

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